PPI Claims

The ongoing PPI claims scandal has so far affected millions of people. So far it is said that four million have made, or are making, successful PPI claims for mis sold fees; are you entitled to claim? if you have taken out a loan or mortgage in recent years – or any form of credit agreement including a credit card or car loan – then you may have been paying into a PPI policy. Many of these were sold in a manner not laid down in the strict regulations and, if that applies to you, then you have a right to claim.

What is PPI?

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is insurance to cover the cost of monthly repayments on a loan in the event the holder is made redundant involuntarily. Many such policies have been sold to consumers across the years, and the controversy surrounds the way in which they were sold rather than the fact they have been. To start your PPI claims today or to find out more about claiming compensation, simply fill out the form above.

Can I Claim Back Mis Sold PPI Charges?

When you took out the loan you should have been informed of the nature of PPI, and given the right to shop around for a better deal than that offered by the lender. In many cases this was not done, and these form many of the PPI claims cases currently in process. Many people were sold policies that were not necessary, would not have applied to them or they were not told about, and these are also subject to reclaims. If you have been mis sold PPI you have a basic legal right to make a claim.

How to Claim Back PPI Charges

The best way to claim back your PPI costs is to seek the help of a solicitor with experience in the PPI claims field. Not only will this give you the best chance of success but you will not have the stress of the case on your shoulders. Look for a no win, no fee deal for the very best offers. To start your PPI claim today or to find out more about claiming compensation, simply fill out the form above.